The ETWAY blogThis blog is written in combined Filipino-English language. PROCEED WITH CAUTION: haha.

I’m a newbie for now but will be your great resource soon.  🙂

Why this blog is created? Please CLICK HERE.

This blog is perfect to whom? This is for you, if you’re a Filipino or literate in Filipino language. Pag ikaw ay wala pang experience sa pag gawa ng website or blog at may planong mag start, swak eto para sayo. If you’re an expert already, share naman ng expertise mo sa COMMUNITY natin (thanks po in advance).  If you want to experience and witness how a blog will RISE to stardom from a humble beginning, you’re in the right place, haha. Seriously, kung ikaw ay nag decide today to start learning how to earn in the internet, sabay tayo in unraveling the wealth online.  🙂

Let’s all be aware (no doubt), that we can earn inside the internet if we will work it out correctly. I will be sharing here my online exploration at ang mga ma discover na extra ordinary opportunity na pwedeng mapag kitaan natin sa internet. Let’s build a concern-oriented community of Pinoy bloggers. Let’s earn first, let’s earn HUGE! After we earn HUGE, we will teach Pinoys how we did it. Let’s keep producing Pinoys to be like us! This way, we will be an army fighting to alleviate poverty sa Pilipinas.

Here’s what I believe. You have that special gift that the world needs. You might be in music or dancing, giving entertainment or teaching lessons. You might be doing volunteering job, in rescue, relief operation, fire prevention / fighting or into medical mission. You might be a passionate hobbyist, in cycling, running, swimming, fishing, mountain climbing, writing, photography, travel & leisure, a food lover, computers, reading, racing or into fashion. You might be into online entrepreneurship thing. You might be a leader giving advises and direction to your team or organization. You might be practicing a profession you love most. You might be doing a business you are proud of. Or maybe, you’re into inventions or a person full of ideas. Whatever you do, it’s your special gift you can contribute to humanity as a whole, not just in your limited number of acquaintances.

The best move for you is to start CREATING YOUR BLOG OR WEBSITE. Through it, you will have unlimited reach to people and to the whole world. And here’s the GOOD NEWS, you can earn from YOUR BLOG! Huwag matakot gumawa ng sarili mong website, it’s not a rocket science. If you’re like me, a beginner, I prepared a step by step guide on how I create this blog site. CLICK HERE AND GET MY FREE GUIDE for you to start today.

Whatever I learned on these topics (creating and managing a website, blogging, affiliate marketing, social media, internet marketing or any online entrepreneurship thing), I’ll make sure I will post it here in a very simplified manner for you to easily understand and apply. But please, don’t expect a very deep expert-type advice from me, but rather an honest chronicle of how I do my things in discovering the abundant supply of wealth online, one at a time :-). I will be updating you also of what’s the latest from time to time about the industry.

After you read a post on this blog, reinforce your knowledge by having more deep research about the topic on expert blog sites, Google is your best friend on this. Since, tayo ay nag uumpisa pa lamang, you as a beginner will surely understand and can relate well what I’m posting, so it’s super easy for you to apply what I’m trying to convey. Apply mo ka agad kung ano ang na learn mo sa mga posts ko for fast understanding of the topic.

Now, enough for this. Umpisahan mo nang mag basa sa mga posts ko. Haha.

If this is not enough for you, REACH ME HERE.  🙂

Thank you so much for your visit. Pwerza Pinoy!


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