Why need to blog if you’re planning to earn money online?

why blog, the etwayAre you planning to start working how to earn money online or you’re doing it already? If your answer is YES, ang sunod na tanong, do you have already your Blog? If YES, then you’re awesome. If No, then start blogging to become awesome too, haha.

Seriously, kung gusto natin kumita sa pamamagitan ng internet, kailangan natin mag market online. And in marketing online, it is essential to create your own personal branding or voice in the internet. There’s an infinite line of products, programs, companies and projects to promote. But customers buy to person whom they know and trust. We’re not talking here of hundreds of customers only but thousands of customers whom we want to capture. The term KNOW and TRUST can be build, it’s how you brand yourself. And the best thing to do it is by having your personal BLOG where people / customers will KNOW you what kind of a promoter you are. Soon, they will buy products and programs you endorse to them because you will be building their TRUST inside your Blog!

Bago ako raratsada ng todo (haha), ano ba ang Blog or Blogging na tinatawag nila? Googling those terms will give you thorough ideas. Pero sa pinaka simpleng explanation, what you are reading right now is a blog post, the whole “The ETWAY” is my online entrepreneurship blog. Blogging is the whole process of conveying your thoughts to the whole world by writing it up and post it in your blog website for people online who will come across your blog to see, read or watch.

Inside your blog, you project what’s your most area of interest. You might be into events organizing, or into real estate selling, or into network marketing or maybe into photography or practicing a profession (i mentioned more of it on my about page). In my part, I’m into online entrepreneurship thing. Whatever you do regularly or daily can be your contents in your blog site. So, hindi ka mauubusan ng topics na maisusulat sa loob ng blog mo, kasi you will always have new experiences sa area of interest mo.

Ano pa ang ibang reasons why we need to start blogging?

Ang projection ko to start harvesting income of my blog is at the age of 4 months of my blog, subalit nagulat ako that indirectly my blog earned $65, less than a month after publishing my first post. Really there is income in blogging if we follow what seasoned bloggers are doing. Be inspired by these multi million dollar blogs.

This is obvious as I talked about this at the beginning of my blog. This is all about building TRUST to your audience and soon happy customers. It will reveal who you really are, as you continue to write and post regularly on your blog. May bigla akong naisip, what if you refer your soon to be employer to your blog instead of your resume, haha. If there’s a good seed in your heart, there’s no other way to spread it quickly but through your BLOG!

What will happen kung ang facebook ay biglang nag bago ng rules at nag apply ng mga restrictions habang ikaw, ang buong online presence mo ay nasa facebook lamang umaasa? You will be at their mercy, you will be a hostage, you can’t do anything, you can’t protest. It will be a huge tragedy on your online marketing efforts then. Sa facebook wala kang control, hindi ikaw ang boss doon, whereas pag may sarili kang blog website, you controlled everything inside. In Facebook or other social media platform, you’re not in control, while sa sarili mong blog website, You’re IN FULL CONTROL.

Yes, as most bloggers say “Google loves BLOG”. Being the number one search engine, if Google crawls your website due to freshness of your contents through regular blog posting, malaki ang edge mo upang makita ka ng karamihan sa internet at mabasa ang mga pinu promote mong products and programs.

You will be helping a lot of people. You will be their hero. There are thousands of people buong mundo na pareho kayong interest or nagsisimulang tahakin pa lamang ang ginagawa mo ngayon. Through posting your experiences and knowledge, marami ang magpapa salamat sayo sa learning na nakuha nila sa blog mo.

To start blogging, start setting up your website now. It’s so simple to do it. You can check my 7 step guide on how to set up a website for your blog (CLICK HERE).

Before, ang blogging ay parang masasabi nating parang diary book lamang. Ngayon it’s an essential marketing tool sa internet. If we are spending at least 3 hours a day online, why not make it worth … start blogging Pinoy!

Any thoughts sa post kong eto?


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